Create a 4-Part Decluttering Sales Funnel with Ease!

One thing I like to do with my audience is to show them ways to use PLR products.

Today I will do that with a new PLR spreadsheet from Jan Small.

*please note, that this blog post has affiliate links within in.  I will be commensated with a commission, but the price will be the same for you whether you buy through an affiliate link or not*

==>Grab the Ultimate Decluttering Spreadsheet <==

You can immediately use this in two ways - start selling it on Etsy or in your shop.

After you finish that, you can reuse it to create a funnel that will bring traffic to your site, turn them into subscribers, and then get them to purchase your digital products.

How do you do that?

Build a funnel... and you don't even have to do that. I've done it for you. You can use it as is or tweak it to match your business/audience needs.

The best part of this funnel is that most of the work is already done for you. I found PLR that works together, so you could save time doing it yourself. :)

Please note the price below by each part of the funnel, is what I'd charge for the digital product, not the price for you to purchase the PLR.

Here is what your funnel is going to look like:

Lead Magnet (Free) - Printables on Decluttering

The PLR is a planner, but it has decluttering and organization page designs. Take out a few and use them as the freebie. Make sure to link to the tripwire somewhere on the printable page(s).


Tripwire ($7) - eBook: Strategies For Simplifying All Aspects Of Your Life

Just brand to your colors, add your info, and then make sure to include a call to action or next step page to the spreadsheet below.


Upgrade ($17) - Ultimate Decluttering Spreadsheet

You can leave this as is or change the colors inside the spreadsheet to match your branding.

I would also add links to the printables, the eBook sales page, as well as the upsell of the 30 day product below - that way if they didn't purchase it the first time, they have an opportunity when they're ready.


Upsell ($47) - 30 Days To a More Organized Life - Save 50% With Coupon Code: APRILORG

This is from Piggy Makes Bank - it is actually called Getting Organized. 

The best way to set this up is through email and PDFs.

Send an intro email daily with a PDF so your participants can download it onto their phones. I would make a copy of the eBook in Canva (after you've branded it to your colors), and then I would use the template to create the 30-Day Challenge.



Email Sequence

To make sure that people who sign up for the freebie receive real value, start an email series that provides tips and ideas that will help them in their decluttering and organizing journey.

To do this, use the 10-Day eCourse Decluttering Your Life that you'll get in the Simplicity & Decluttering Your Life PLR above. Make sure to customize it to work to seamlessly align with the digital products above. This provides a smooth progression towards offering the next step through the products you offer.

Here are two different niches you can use this funnel for:

  • Busy Professional
    • Age: 30-45
    • Occupation: Full-time job, limited time for household tasks
    • Struggles: Overwhelmed by clutter, lacks a structured decluttering plan
    • Desires: Effective, time-saving decluttering solutions
  • Stay-at-home Parent
    • Age: 25-40
    • Occupation: Homemaker, managing household responsibilities
    • Struggles: Juggling family responsibilities, disorganized living spaces
    • Desires: Easy-to-follow organization strategies, family-friendly solutions

Above are only two niches, but there are more that you can use all you have to do is tweak the PLR to fit your audience needs.

Now that you've got an idea about the funnel, I wanted to walk you through something that a lot of content creators need help with.  The customer journey.  

Below is the journey, touchpoints for each stage, how to arrange the touchpoints, and then customer emotions.

  1. Identify stages of the customer journey:

    • Awareness
    • Consideration
    • Purchase
    • Post-Purchase
  2. List touchpoints for each stage:

    • Awareness:

      • Social media ads
      • Blog posts on decluttering tips
      • Free printables on the website
    • Consideration:

      • eBook promotion on social media
      • Email newsletters with decluttering success stories
      • Blog posts on the benefits of decluttering
    • Purchase:

      • Product pages for each digital product
      • Targeted ads for the eBook and spreadsheet
      • Checkout page for seamless transactions
    • Post-Purchase:

      • Thank-you emails with download links
      • Follow-up emails with usage tips
      • Request for product reviews and feedback
  3. Arrange touchpoints chronologically:

    • Awareness: Social media ads -> Blog posts -> Free printables
    • Consideration: eBook promotion -> Email newsletters -> Blog posts
    • Purchase: Product pages -> Targeted ads -> Checkout page
    • Post-Purchase: Thank-you emails -> Follow-up emails -> Review requests
  4. Add customer actions and emotions:

    • Awareness: Customer discovers clutter issues -> Curious about solutions -> Excited to try free printables
    • Consideration: Interested in deeper insights -> Evaluating eBook benefits -> Motivated to simplify life
    • Purchase: Decision to invest in digital products -> Confidence in chosen products -> Excitement to implement
    • Post-Purchase: Gratitude for purchase -> Satisfaction with products -> Willingness to share experiences

Above is information that will help you create the 4-part funnel and then create all the pieces to make it happen, including a sales letter.


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